The CAF Production Session of Killzone 3

by on Aug.11, 2011, under Computer Animation Festival, SIGGRAPH 2011

The “Killzone” games have come a long way in the last 10 years. The realism has improved and that is made possible by the Playstation 3 which is a more powerful console than its predecessor. Despite the more powerful machine, Guerilla Studios still faced some challenges to make sure the game was an improvement in terms of its visuals but still playable. They wanted to create the sense of a larger world, so the different levels are several times larger than those in “Killzone 2.” They also wanted to add more variety and detail, so came up with some solutions to make that possible. The game is broken up into zones so that the next zone is loading while you’re playing. Once you get into the new zone, the previous zone is dumped from memory. In terms of detail and variety, building blocks were created to allow for a variety of levels to be created more efficiently. The building blocks were also nice, because if the source block is modified, the blocks in the game were modified automatically from the source. This also made it easier if the game wasn’t running properly, because the team could check which building blocks were used the most and then optimize that block to help game play. Another technique used was the use of high resolution and low resolution meshes, the high resolution meshes were put to use when the player is up close to an area, but once they reach a specific distance away, the high resolution mesh is replaced with the low resolution version.

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