ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Guidelines Template

How to use WordPress for chapters

First steps

Most chapters will mostly use static pages instead of blog posts. Some parts of a chapter web site could use blog posts, but there are several static pages that would make sense: about, officers, membership, etc.

Static pages

Static pages can be created with the Pages section of the Admin page. Changing the front page to a static page is done by accessing Settings, Reading, Reading Settings, Front page displays, select “A static page”, then you select an already created static page from the combobox.

Adjusting the content of the site

Left, right, bottom, etc. content can be added, change, removed by going into the Admin page, Appearance, Widgets.

Links to the conferences and parent organizations

Those links can be added through the management of links (Admin page, Links, Add New or Edit). The links to the parent organizations (ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH) can use the images found on the parent organization sites. For example, the ACM logo can use while the ACM SIGGRAPH logo can use Both of these images URL can be entered in the Advanced, Image Address field of the link.