Board Job Descriptions

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Voting, Officer Job Descriptions 

The Chair’s job is to oversee the chapter, the board and network with the community, including:

  • serving as an officer on the Chapter Board (insured)
  • posting events to the worldwide ACM SIGGRAPH calendar
  • making sure annual report gets filed
    • working with treasurer to get event spreadsheet
    • entering officer membership information and other miscellaneous information
  • working closely with the board (and other boards), sharing information, collaborating and mentoring, developing and coordinating an overall vision
  • working closely with the vice chair developing and communicating an overall vision and annual theme
  • training and helping all board members, officers, non-voting positions, and members-at-large
  • working with presenters and venue coordinators to facilitate events
  • introducing presenters at events, giving announcements
  • sending thank you cards and administering complimentary chapter memberships
  • developing partnerships with local studios, schools, organizations
  • creating a pre-event slide show in Powerpoint and promo ads, in Photoshop, with respective review and approval loops
  • maintaining and developing brand identity
  • reviewing all communications
  • developing and proposing ideas to the board, for voting approval
  • being responsive via email, text or phone, checking in at least once every three days
  • meeting once a month at board meetings and voting, as an officer
  • scheduling and running monthly board meetings
  • reporting at monthly board meetings on big-picture developments, ACM SIGGRAPH communications
  • attending the annual SIGGRAPH conference:
    • representing the chapter at the Chapter Workshop, Business Meeting, Chapters Booth
    • giving chapter status report
  • checking with ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM to make sure guidelines are followed
  • emailing election results, announcing new officers on July 1 every year
  • maintaining ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($141.00 paid by chapter)
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership).

The Vice Chair’s job is to create the entire event schedule for the year, including:

  • serving as an officer on the Chapter Board (insured)
  • running an event planning meeting in August that the Vice Chair organizes and runs, called the steering committee meeting by ACM SIGGRAPH. The Vice Chair is the leader of that committee. The outcome is a plan for events (maybe a brochure) — one per month from September through June.
  • developing a theme for each season
  • working with presenters to create announcements including bios
  • creating an email announcement in the template format, and using Mail Chimp, sent out
    • a month before the event,
    • two weeks before and
    • two days before
  • using good corporate communications practices (getting reviews from
  • posting a website version, right before the announcement goes out
  • communication with the Social Media Expert to create FB and Twitter posts, after the announcement
  • organizing the events, including
    • taking care of the speaker / presenter’s needs
    • arranging for food or drink
    • getting supporters (we don’t use the word sponsor) to supply food, drink, funding, other resources
    • coordinating volunteers
    • creating advertising
    • leveraging support
  • working closely with the chair (and other vice chairs), sharing information, collaborating and getting the benefit of experience, coordinating with the overall vision
  • filling in for chair in the event he or she is unable to be there
  • developing partnerships with local studios, schools, organizations
  • developing and proposing event budgets to the board, for voting approval
  • meeting once a month at board meetings and voting, as an officer
  • developing a venue spreadsheet, with resources for events, including:
    • seats or capacity
    • parking
    • cost structure
    • lighting and sound
    • multimedia capabilities
    • process for reservations
    • contact name and phone number
  • being responsive via email, text or phone, checking in at least once every three days
  • reporting at monthly board meetings on Events
  • maintaining ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($141.00 paid by chapter)
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership).

The Secretary’s job is to coordinate all membership for the year, including:

  • serving as an officer on the Chapter Board (insured)
  • taking minutes at all board and other meetings
  • coordinating review and approval of minutes
  • posting minutes to the archival section of the website
  • maintaining and updating bylaws, when there are changes
  • communication with each member regarding when their membership is up for renewal and other membership questions
  • developing of an automatic renewal mechanism
  • organizing and maintaining membership lists
  • developing an annual membership/fundraising drive
  • developing chapter marketing items (t-shirts, etc.) and e-commerce of items on our website
  • creating and coordinating membership cards, and a welcome message when people join or renew
  • writing ballots and implementing elections to membership
  • creating and maintaining a separate members only email list in Mail Chimp, for members only email
  • organizing membership “station” at event registration, checking membership
  • finding ways to encourage people to become members
  • being responsive via email, text or phone, checking in at least once every three days
  • working closely with the chair (and other secretaries), sharing information, collaborating and getting the benefit of experience, coordinating with the overall vision
  • working with ACM SIGGRAPH membership contact to update the “join” chapter membership form
  • reporting at monthly board meetings on Membership
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker with complimentary membership).

The Treasurer’s job is to handle and manage all the money and financial dealings, including:

  • serving as an officer on the Chapter Board (insured)
  • closely working with the chair to file the annual report on July 1st, every year
  • ongoing tracking of monthly events, into Chapter Excel spreadsheet, including:
    • name of event
    • short event nickname
    • description (< 300 words)
    • type of event (screening, workshop, talk, panel discussion, tour, etc.)
    • address
    • costs, with matching receipts (OUT)
    • reimbursements, with matching receipts (OUT)
    • payments and donations (IN)
    • profit / loss balance
  • handling all money at events, with money box and petty cash
  • manning the treasurer’s post at registration to verify members, online ticketing, payment
  • making deposits at the bank after events
  • maintaining bank account
  • reporting at monthly board meetings on Finance, banking, previous month’s activities.
  • working closely with the chair (and other treasurers), sharing information, collaborating and getting the benefit of experience, coordinating with the overall vision
  • being responsive via email, text or phone, checking in at least once every three days
  • developing funding options with supporters
  • making a supporters page on webpage
  • developing and proposing event budgets to the board, for voting approval
  • meeting once a month at board meetings and voting, as an officer
  • reporting at monthly board meetings on Finances
  • maintaining ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($141.00 paid by chapter)
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership).

The Social Media Expert’s job is to maintain social media for the chapter, including:

  • creating and maintaining a Facebook page
  • creating and maintaining a Twitter feed
  • staying up-to-date with social media, recommending new social media channels to the board, as appropriate
  • posting social media
  • maintaining the social media feeds on the website
  • upholding member and chapter honor and privacy
  • helping the chair with social media
  • writing a specific chapter social media policy, including all approval loops
  • meeting once a month at board meetings and voting
  • maintaining ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($141.00 paid by chapter)
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership).

The Web Master’s job is to maintain the web page for the chapter, including:

  • posting technical events to Calagator
  • maintaining the web page, in accordance with the chapter design guidelines as published by ACM SIGGRAPH
  • working with the ACM SIGGRAPH contact to make the site responsive to the chapter’s needs
  • posting to the web page and administering the chapter users (officers)
  • maintaining the “newsletter” page
  • managing the Word Press site to not include comments or other obnoxious content
  • protecting the members from phishing, web crawlers or other invasions of privacy
  • helping the chair with an email system that conforms to online subscription / non-subscription laws
  • writing a specific chapter website policy, including all approval loops
  • meeting once a month at board meetings and voting
  • maintaining ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($141.00 paid by chapter)
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership).

Non-Voting Positions

The Member-at-Large job is to provide consultation and support, including:

  • meeting when possible, at board meetings and giving feedback, suggestions
  • providing your unique perspective, including interface with other industries or organizations
  • maintaining Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH annual membership ($25 paid personally or by being a speaker for complimentary membership)
  • serving in a pool to supplement officer activities, election openings, volunteer at events
  • suggesting possible board members to the chair.


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Board Member Bios

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Officer Biographies

Demetra Auel — a visual and instructional designer with a Masters in Applied Information Management and Bachelors in Mathematics. She recently studied video and sound production and has an extensive background in marketing and teaching multimedia and business applications. She has been the chair and vice chair of Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and enjoys IA, organizational coordination and leadership; she currently works with the board and CG community by night, and creates effective web, print and graphic content by day.

Paul Anderson —  involved in multimedia since 1997 when he worked in school radio and did morning video announcements. After attending PCC’s video internship program, he worked as an independent videographer and editor; a few years later returning to PCC to study more in the multimedia department and eventually changing gears for toward web development. Paul produced and directed a handful of comedy skits and short films, several for weekend film festivals; he has also worked on a few feature films and web shows in various production roles. For the last few years, Paul has worked for a few web development houses in Portland and remotely, focusing primarily as a WordPress developer. He is currently learning Blender 3D, enhancing coding skills and developing a noir comedy.

Madison Russell — an avidly active member of the PDX animation community. As Vice Chair of Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, board member of ASIFA Portland, and a juror and volunteer for the NW Animation Festival, she’s constantly looking for new ways to contribute. Madison’s great passion for Japanese animation and culture has led to conversational fluency in Japanese, as well as four months living and working in Tokyo, Japan during 2015. She is a freelance animator and illustrator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has a background in training facilitation and development. Animation, ink illustrations, and paper sculpture are her passions, and she loves combining all her skills to serve the local animation community.

Board-Member-at-Large Biographies

AJ Deflaminis — a long-time board member of Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, AJ is the Visual FX Lead at Supergenius Studio, an Instructor at the Art Institute of Portland, and a 3D training contractor at 3DV. He has been the Rendering Lead of Liquid Development, at Modeling Instructor, and a Technical Director at Bent Image Lab for three and a half years. He has experience in every part of the CG pipeline and also has a small business making games for the iPhone and iTouch.

Sarah Deflaminis — received her Associate’s of Applied Sciences in Visual Communications from ITT Technical Institute in March 2010, and later went on to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree at the Art Institute of Portland. She graduated in September 2013 with a B.S. in Design Visualization. Since graduation from the Art Institute, she has been working as a Technical Director for Bent Image Lab. In her spare time, Sarah freelances as a Graphic Designer, mostly doing pro-bono work for local churches and schools.

Wes Cropper  developed a combination of skills for optimum productivity and creativity. Digital beginnings involved page and cover designs for print media. He became adept at applying principles of graphic design to the single two-dimensional page, and developed designs for web and video production, educational animation, three-dimensional animated textures, textured landscapes and scenery. The pursuit of working in 3D grew as he began teaching Autodesk Maya, Inventor, Adobe Photoshop, and AfterEffects. Learning these technologies for the classroom influenced the way he went about producing his own artwork.  His current body of work, “Portals and Meeting Places,” is a collection of digital landscapes representing journeys in progress or destinations already reached. They are locations of human process, movement, manifest for the purposes of growth, healing, knowledge, and shelter, represented as outdoor spaces, mountains, passages, bridges, doorways, spaces where interactions, transformations occur. Familiar experiences combined with extraordinary encounters draw viewers into realms of time, dimension, spirit, and nature. Wes freelances and teaches in the areas of drafting, design, and information technology.

Kendall Auel — a software development engineer with more than 35 years experience writing code. He began his career in the early days of 3D computer-aided design, developing interactive graphics systems for mechanical and electronic design automation. Most of his career has been focused on writing embedded control code for a variety of commercial products, including 3D computer graphics processors, digital projectors, HDTV systems, color printers and copiers for the office, graphics for live television production switchers, and most recently for 3D printers. He’s most excited by the way technology has become accessible to help create engaging and expressive works of art.

Jeffrey Sens  a co-founder and Co-Executive Director of Pixel Arts Game Education, he regularly leads “youth making games together” programs and trains volunteers, educators, and organizational leaders in maker-based learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Jeffrey taught at the University of Iowa, Syracuse University, and University of San Francisco. He earned a M.S. in Communications from the Ohio State University and pursued a doctorate in Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. He currently serves as a Youth-Adult Partnership facilitator for the Mythos Youth Council and community organizes with several collaboratives including Hive Cascadia, the N/NE STEAM Coalition, and the Portland Metro STEM Partnership Collaboratory.

Sven Bonnichsen  a visionary arts and culture activist. His focus: sustaining a robust Portland animation ecology. Current organizational roles include being founder/director of the Northwest Animation Festival (2010), President of ASIFA Portland (2012), Board Member at Large with Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH (2014), and Advisory Board member for Seattle-based Haptic Animation Amplifier (2015). He’s a bridge-builder who’s forged strong relationships with local studios, schools, freelancers, and indie artists — and routinely works with international animators around the world. During the past five years he has organized more than 100 screenings and animation-related events.

Christina Mayes  a Portland-based animation and design professional with an interest in bringing together the PDX and Southern Washington electronic arts communities in order to share knowledge and work. She possesses a love of teaching, creative expression and finds joy in enabling artists and designers to collaborate and network together. As an artist Christina has worked professionally in animation and design for eight years on hundreds of projects. In her free time she likes to garden, exercise and play video games.

Greg Walters — multimedia coordinator at the Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, has been serving the computer graphics community for many years. He also serves as the PCC Multimedia Club Advisor and has a passion for multimedia and great personal skills for helping people attain their goals. Greg has been an active member of Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH for the past 5 years and enjoys hosting meetings and events on a regular basis.

Fran Zandonella — actively involved in SIGGRAPH since 1993, Fran has served in a variety of leadership positions including Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair for local professional SIGGRAPH chapters. She has served as Secretary of the Cascade Chapter, as well as on the Board for three years. This past year she has assisted with meetings and maintained the events on the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH website. Her goals include arranging for “kick-ass,” cutting-edge computer graphics speakers to visit Portland and to help the Board as needed to create a CG crucible.

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Programming Meeting: August 2011

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All are welcome to contribute to this committee, Vice Chair will head our annual program/events for the 2011-2012 season.

Thursday, August 25th
Location to be announced

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH presents…

The ForeverScape Video Mix and Effects 300-Page Party Opening Night New Art and Music

  • Saturday, January 8, 2011 at The Globe
  • Live video editing: effects driven by music and artist VJ Vance Feldman
  • Featuring music by “Out of Time” (6:00 pm), Gemini Mars (7:30 pm), “Sad Music for Happy Humans” (9:00 pm) and “Let’s Go Outside” (10:30 pm)

Come and enjoy a contemporary CG artist work both intuitively with images and intentionally with digital video, music and programming technology. In addition to the original artwork, the artist will use his own custom-built software to project a sound-reactive version of the ForeverScape for opening night. This exhibit will celebrate crossing the 300-page threshold. If you haven’t already, see the scape at “ForeverScape dot com” (not as good as real-life). This event is more experiential than talk-based.

Computer Graphics Details

Using German-based software VVVV (or V4 for short) with patch-based programing language that essentially connects boxes with wires (see screen capture). The object-oriented programming, primarily in C is used to manipulate 3D, MS DirectX and graphics cards for video. The demonstration will use applied effects, tweeked in real time and driven by music.

Location and Transportation

The Globe Bar|Café

2045 SE Belmont Street

Portland, OR 97214

The Globe establishment is close-in to downtown Portland and there is mass transit. At, bus line 15 Belmont can be found. Carpooling is recommended as limited street parking is available. Please see the following for location and directions

Registration and Amenities

This is a free event for all. This and other Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH meetings are free to Cascade Chapter members. In this case, nonmembers will not need to pay an admission fee at the door. Annual local membership can be purchased at the event for $25.00 a year for professionals and $18.00 for students. We accept cash or checks onsite or credit cards online at

There will be a no-host bar with drinks and food available for purchase.

About the ForeverScape

The ForeverScape was born September 26, 2009. ‘There are worse things to be obsessed with’ some say. Is it biographical? Well, it has become something beyond me, but I can’t help being infused in it. In a strange way, the ForeverScape creates me more than I create it. It haunts my dreams, flashes at me while walking to the local pub to draw. My initial motto was, ‘It goes, until I do.’ A bit bleak, but the ’scape is really just an excuse to persue that which is unfollowable.” — Vance Feldman.

About Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH

The Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter exists to serve the needs of the Oregon and Southwest Washington computer graphics industry and students. Through meetings, workshops, conferences, and other activities, the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter works to promote an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the educational, artistic, and scientific aspects and applications of modern technology to graphics, enhancing communication between persons in Oregon and Southwest Washington that have an interest in any aspect of computer graphics.

For more information on Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and membership registration, please visit the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH website at

Press contact

Lizzie Bennett, Liaison Inc., Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH PR Director

(503) 796-9822, ” lizzie at liaisonpr dot com”

Reader contact

Demetra Arnett, Chair

“chair at cascadesiggraph dot org”

Cascade SIGGRAPH general information


PO Box 10583

Portland, OR 97296 -10583

All brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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From Toys to Technology | Stereoscopic Display

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From Toys to Technology | Stereoscopic Display

Monday, May 18, 2009 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Interested in stereoscopic display technology engineered in Oregon? If “YES!” is your answer, come join us on Monday, May 18th @ 6:30 pm, at Portland Community College Cascade Campus to learn about Viewmaster, Planar, MacNaughton Inc., and Schrodinger stereoscopic display technology and heritage.

Event Details

The evening will begin at 6:30 pm with registration, light refreshments and networking. At 7:00 pm, announcements will be followed by a general overview presentation to acquaint everyone with stereoscopic terms and concepts. This will be followed by a brief history of Oregon’s very own Viewmaster, proceeded by presentations from Planar, MacNaughton, and Schrodinger. We’ll conclude with demonstrations and hands-on of the various technologies. Our guest speakers will be available to answer your questions.

Should be informative, educational and fun. Hope to see you there!

The Presenters

Kathleen O’Reilly
Cascade SIGGRAPH Vice Chair
Overview Presentation
Ron Kriesel,
Board Member
3D Center for Art and Photography
Portland, OR
• Viewmaster

Pat Green,
Director of Planar’s R&D Group
Planar Systems, Inc.
Beaverton, OR
• StereoMirror technology

Tom Woody,
Program Manager
Perceiva 3D LCD Stereo Displays
MacNaughton Inc
Beaverton, OR
• 19″ LCD based display (Perceiva DSD190 & DSD190-D)

Herc Silverstein,
Product Manager / Project Lead
Portland, OR
• Zalman ZM-M220 interlaced stereo using passive polarized glasses
• nvidia quad-buffered OpenGL using shuttered LCD glasses

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Industry Day at Oregon’s State Capitol

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH in association with The Governor’s Office of Film & Television

You’ve been to Cascade SIGGRAPH’s excellent talks,
now it’s time to give back to your community.
When you show up in Salem on March 17th for Industry Day
you become part of a solution, you’ll step up to the next
level in your profession by becoming more committed to
CG production in Oregon. You can help create jobs in
our industry by joining forces with Cascade SIGGRAPH and
Oregon’s Govenor’s Office of Film and Television –
get involved and participate!
“Suit up and show up — that’s the key.”

Never done anything like this before?
No worries, we’ll show you how — we’ll do it together.
A pre-Industry Day training meeting is schedule for
Tuesday, March 10th.
A separate announcement will be sent with time, location and updated details

Oregon State Capitol Salem, Oregon

900 Court St NE
Salem, OR 97301

This event is FREE and all are welcome

Please register with the Film Office’s intern
intern (at) oregonfilm (dot) org
so that we may plan for attendance and carpooling.

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3DV Sponsors Autodesk 3D Road Show

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Thursday, January 29th
Registration, Greet, Meet & Eat: 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Presentation: 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH in association with 3DV invite you to join us.
Come on out and see the new 2009 Line-Up of Autodesk’s software:
3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and Toxik

Autodesk’s 3D Tour will include product demonstrations highlighting the latest tools, tips and techniques used when visualizing projects ranging from games to commercial design.

World Forestry Center – Cheatham Hall
4033 SW Canyon Road
Portland, Oregon 97221
Location info

This event is FREE and all are welcome

So that we may plan for food and refreshments
Please pre-register with 3DV

Annual Cascade SIGGRAPH chapter membership may be purchased at the event:
$25 professionals / $18 students

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Drinking and Drawing

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Wednesday, January 14th
Someday Lounge
Registration 6:00 pm
Anim Jammin’ ’till 9:00pm

Please join us for an fun filled, artistic evening of Drinking and Drawing.

Ever want to make a hand drawn film?

We want your talents to help create a collaborative animated movie, aka an AnimJam. Animators will animate 8 frames in approximately 10 minutes, leaving the last frame on their light box. Starting with the previous artist’s last frame, the next animator will animate another 8 frames, and so on and so on.
By the end of the evening, all the frames are gathered and then scanned. Afterwards, the animated movie results will be posted to

NOTE: The venue is 21 and over and non-smoking
Cash Bar
Food will be available to purchase

Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th Avenue
Between Couch and Davis
Portland, OR 97209
Location info

This event is FREE to
Cascade SIGGRAPH Chapter members
and ASIFA Portland Members
$5.00 public

Annual Cascade SIGGRAPH chapter membership may be purchased at the door:
$25 professionals, $18 for students.

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2008 Holiday Social

by on Nov.20, 2008, under Miscellaneous

Come on out, stop by on your way home, relax, have some conversation and celebration!
Thursday, December 4th
Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, CHIFOO, and ASIFA Portland
welcome members and friends to join us for a social get together at:

Blitz Bar
110 NW 10th Ave, (between Couch and Davis)
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 222-2229

We’ve reserved a private room upstairs from 5:30 –9:30 with a no host, cash bar and look forward to seeing you there. Light appetizers will be served.

First Thursday

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