Board Meeting Minutes – October 2013

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October 30th 2013

Demetra / Christina

Board meeting once a month

At least 12 events a year / one event a month

Talking about ideas for the next few months in terms of events, discussing dates for said events. Discussing filling out the board members.

Secretary’s area is members and managing members in the area.

Social membership is through ACM’s big SIGGRAPH, Cindy Ryan is in charge of this portion. Contact her to ask her about it and work with her about it. Select all the people and send out an e-mail.

E-mail members to let them know they should renew their membership.

Local animation festival for SIGGRAPH, commons area of PNCA, have a competitive. Contact Sven to see if he knows anyone. Have everyone submit and them show everything.

I need to change the password for all the accounts.

Social media icons across the top of the wordpress site so people can find us on social media.

To pay online for officer membership, go to SIGGRAPH online and pay $42.00, you must be a member of ACM also, that is around $99.00 dollars for that as well.

Siggraph has a lot of tutorials etc for different programs, etc.

Another requirement is to be a member of Cascade Siggraph, which is around $25.00.

$20.00 per people for large partners / studios / organization members.

Volunteer members are free to join. Changed the bylaws so that this is okay. Someone has to volunteer for three events in order to have free membership each year.

Secretary can go into membership and do whatever they want with it. Send out renewel e-mails. Work with Cindy Ryan to reword it. Got in contact with Cindy to fix the broken link to renewing membership to ACM SIGGRAPH.

Day before the conference there is a chapter’s workshop and they have a one day meeting. Training, meeting people, etc.

Ask Will is he wants to be the Treasurer. Ask Jeffrey if he wants to be as well.

There is another website for the main Siggraph page where you can post events going on in local chapters, etc.

Jenny Dana is in charge of the passwords / e-mail login information for the chapter’s information and passwords / logins.

There are e-mail for the different officers for each branch.

Talk to Demetra about how to do this. Admin access to the cascade wordpress site.

  • Username: cbeard Password: cascade

Action Items – Demetra

  • Send minutes to Christina
  • Demetra needs to e-mail everyone on the board so they know the board meeting dates, shooting for every second tuesday of the month
  • Find twitter password
  • Setup wordpress password for Christina
  • Find a place in Tigard that has wireless
  • Send Christina election ballot
  • Send out MAKI japanese restaurant wireless password / access

Action Items – Christina

  • join cascade SIGGRAPH
  • ask friends if they want to be on the board.

Need to have an election in June and announce them in July. Election for whomever is running for an officer space. At the end there are bios 200 words or less professional bio for each candidate. Good when we send out the elections for each person.

Demetra is not good with e-mail, texting or call is best!

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Minutes, June 20th 2012

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Attending: Demetra Arnett (DA), Serena Reidy (SR), Daniel Sabin (DS), Patrick Coan (PC)


Finances and Annual Report Due Friday

  • Daniel needs Event Data
  • Daniel has Checking Account info
  • Needs P.O. Box Keys
  • DA and DS will address this


May 29 Event hosted about 13 attendees, incomplete sign in sheet

June 6th Event hosted about 75 attendees, no sign in sheet

Considering a thank you letter for participants and hosts

CAF: Greg Walters needs 3 choices for event date to help out

Consider a BYOA event

Consider a speaker agreement that binds speaker for events

Membership Fees

PC moved to cover DS membership, future board members will pay for their own ACM and SIGGRAPH membership, unless individual is unemployed. Serena seconds. Movement passes unanimously

Action Items:

PC to create compiled membership list from the old and new servers

PC to write instructions for new Secretary (Asha)

PC to clean up records and prepare for Asha

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June 2012 Event

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH presents…

Make Space Ship and LightTroupe at Really Big Video

Interactive CG installations designed by Portland artists for the June First Thursday in the Pearl
  • Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at Really Big Video NW 10th and Hoyt
  • Gallery opens at 5pm, the interactivity runs throughout the evening until 9pm
  • Admission to this event is free to everyone!
  • Live musical performances by Gaea and Plantrae
Join us at Really Big Video for a special hands-on preview event of Make Space Ship, special demonstrations designed by LightTroupe and live acoustic music by local artists Gaea and Plantrae.
This will be a night of demonstration and celebration, welcoming the summer and the fruition of creative and technical endeavors. Multiple stations will be available showcasing unique, interactive computer graphics ready to be played with by all participants. Take command of the Make Space Ship and create delightful triangular space things using this up-and-coming mobile app. Special one-off poster prints are  available from the creator, Surya Buchwald. LightTroupe will be demonstrating its latest web-cam fractal technology, interactive musical drawing and the LightPiano Starfield, a piano driven field of falling stars.
Purchase tickets or membership
  • renew or join online
  • pay for membership at the door, bring cash or a check.
Location Really Big Video, NW 10th and Hoyt, Portland, OR 97209
Supporters Really Big Video, Surya Buchwald and LightTroupe
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June 2012 Event

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH recommends…

VanCon 2012

Celebrity Guests from “The Simpsons” and “The Walking Dead” Highlight Van Con Pop Culture Collectibles Show at Westfield Vancouver Mall

Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning Animator Phil Ortiz (“The Simpsons”) and actor Kevin Galbraith (“The Walking Dead”) are slated to appear at the Van Con Pop Culture/Collectibles Show to be held at the Westfield Vancouver Mall, June 9-10, 2012.

Ortiz will be on hand to draw portraits of attendees and to unveil an exclusive, limited-edition Avengers print featuring The Simpsons cast that will be autographed for this show only. Only 100 prints will be available. Galbraith played a pivotal role on last season’s “Walking Dead” as the “walker” that Carl taunted, which eventually led to Dale’s demise. Galbraith will also be part of the “The Walking Dead” VIP Package ($30), which features an 8×10 autographed photo of Galbraith, a T-shirt, a Q&A session and a souvenir “Walking Dead” lanyard.

Comics, CDs, DVDs, anime, toys, video games, T-shirts, sports cards, records, model kits, movie memorabilia and much more will be featured at Van Con.

Van Con hours are: 10am-9pm on June 9th, and 11am-6pm on June 10th.

For more information, visit Westfield Vancouver Mall is located at 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Drive, Vancouver, WA 98662.

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May 2012 Event

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH presents…

On the Cusp

Game Design and Interactive Animation conversation with Musicians and Composers of the PSU New Music Network

Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and PSU New Music Network presnt: On the Cusp

Keynote discussion on the emergence of orchestrated musical interactivity in games, animation and CG

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at the Portland State University Lincoln Hall, Room 225
  • Registration, appetizers and conversation starts at 7:00 pm; networking afterward
  • In collaboration with the PSU New Music Network
  • RSVP to “cascade siggraph at gmail dot com” so that we can plan for refreshments

Join the Portland State University New Music Network and Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH as game designers, musical composers discuss the ways that modern game technology and techniques empower musicians.

Topics cover classic methods of music in games, musically responsive graphics, ways for composers to get involved in the industry, and emerging trends in musical interactivity. The event will include information and conversation and serve as the starting point for an ongoing relationship between game designers, musicians and computer graphic artists.

Location Portland State University Lincoln Hall, Room 225 (SW Market Street and Park Avenue) 1620 Southwest Park Avenue Portland, OR 97201  Parking is available on the street. We recommend you carpool or use public transportation, if possible. Trimet buses and Max trains stop near PSU, as can be seen at

Registration and Amenities Although entrance to this event is free, information regarding annual local membership to Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and the New Music Network will be available at the door or online. Also please check out our information at Light appetizers will be available to attendees.

About the PSU New Music Network The mission of the Portland State University New Music Network is to facilitate collaboration between performers, composers, artists and creative organizations; and to provide a forum where students can share and exchange new music.

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Minutes, May 20th 2012

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Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Daniel Sabin (DS), Archie Floyd Buchanan (AFB), Patrick Coan (PC)


  • Games, Audio and Music on the Cusp- with PSU New Music Network May 29th
  • We need someone to attend the event
  • Set-Up Table
  • Laptop for Joining
  • No price on event
  • Bring Food
  • Set-Up by 6:30, DGA bring food to PC
  • LightTroupe, June 7th
  • PC send DGA the basic announcement info
  • VanCon: June 9-10


  • Some positions must be filled
    • Vice Chair, Membership Secretary
    • Vincent is the Webmaster
  • Send Email Announcement June 1
  • Count Election Email June 15
  • Tally and Post Results by June 30
  • Consider David Baxter for elections
  • DGA to send email soliciting officers for elections
  • Outreach (April)
    • Extend through May
    • PC contacted Liquid, Looking to contact Bent
    • DGA will contact Laika, PCC through Greg, AI through Marylyn Zarnado
    • AJ knows Cinematics
    • Success based on Attendence
    • Power Point Presentation
      • Add Career Opportunities/ Board Positions
        • Format to be rewarding and enticing
        • Include tickets to SIGGRAPH in presentation
  • Elections Announcement- based off of elections portion of presentation (DGA)
    • Need to set a date
    • Members from similar Orgs may be interested
    • Benefits of serving on a committee, being an officer

ACM Access

  • Update Home Page


  • Scott Lang to send Announcement
  • Need Vice Chair identified for Chapters Workshop and 2012 pass

Annual Reports

  • Guest count, DS to email finalized report to DGA
  • Wrap up in the next week

Action Items

  • DS send DGA spreadsheet info for annual report by May 19
  • PC send LightTroupe Announcement info May 19
  • DGA bring PC food and promo May 29


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Minutes, April 30th 2012

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Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Daniel Sabin (DS), Archie Floyd Buchanan (AFB), Patrick Coan (PC)
  • Next board meeting Monday, May 14th
  • Outreach (April)
    • Extend through May
    • PC contacted Liquid, Looking to contact Bent
    • DGA will contact Laika, PCC through Greg, AI through Marylyn Zarnado
    • AJ knows Cinematics
    • Success based on Attendence
    • Power Point Presentation
      • Add Career Opportunities/ Board Positions
        • Format to be rewarding and enticing
        • Include tickets to SIGGRAPH in presentation
  • Elections Announcement- based off of elections portion of presentation (DGA)
    • Need to set a date
    • Members from similar Orgs may be interested
  • Video Games and Music
    • PSU presentation
    • Mike Burnett is the contact
    • Check for promotional position
      • Table, Fliers, Payment arrangements
    • Need a summary for the announcement, what is the program (New Music Program)
    • W5
  • LightTroupe Installation
    • Early June
    • Boom Bap
    • Set up webcam, game and drawing stations
  • SIGGRAPH Media Pass
    • Patrick by May 30th
  • Send announcement info to Archie to publish to our website
    • Include April, May and June Events

Banking Report

  • Signatures to the bank, file with the state for 501 c(3) status
  • Annual Report for the fiscal year needs to be provided


  • 4 separate databases need to be merged and updated
  • Craft a renewal letter
  • Patrick needs access to the ACM control panel to look up recent info
  • DS needs to balance the ledger and send to DGA so that she can submit the annual report

Board Business

  • Access to ACM to associate email addresses
  • DGA has systems entry info, needs to get to Patrick
    • system corrupt

Other Topics of Discussion

  • DC Universe Online- user generated animation
  • Wii Rhythm – movement based animation

Action Items

  • Music and Games: DGA and PC coordinate with Mike Burnett and finalize plan by Friday, May 11th
  • PC send event summary for Outreach, Games and Music and LightTroupe by Friday, May 11th
  • PC reserve Boom Bap space May 17th
  • DS send balanced ledger to DGA
  • DS and DGA submit annual report by May 30th
  • DGA provide PC with ACM credentials
  • PC and DGA land presentations with Laika, Bent, Liquid, AI, PSU, etc
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Minutes, March 25th

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  • Bev Standish(BS), Jerrol Eschleman (JE), Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Patrick Coan (PC)


  • Herc Silverstein (HS); Greg Walters (GW), Jerrol Eschelman (JE), Derek Osborne (DO). AJ Deflaminis (AD)


  • Obtain USB to Midi Cable- Jerrol moved to pay for an interface, seconded and unanimously agreed upon
  • Patrick will buying an associate membership
  • LightTroupe Event-
  • Seems like David King will help with AV
  • Doors @ 4pm
  • Registration @ 6pm
  • Show @ 7pm
  • PC Bring member list, receipts, registration forms, announcement list sign up
  • DGA Bring Event Bright, Fruit & Veggies, Tea
  • James VS Reality
  • DGA PowerPoint
  • JE Find a treasurer position for this event
  • Autodesk: Thursday, May 19 3DV 3DPX


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Minutes, February 8th 2012

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Serena Reidy (SR), Patrick Coan (PC), Daniel Sabin
Not Attending:
Demetra, Daniel, Floyd, Michael, Greg, Courtney, Joe

Meeting: February 16th PIG Squad Meeting

  • database- incomplete. We will need to compile all of the info sometime soon, and start a membership drive.
  • Membership drive, is probably dependent on a solid season of events.

Email (BMAL)
IGDA Game Jam

  • Post-Mortem Announcement
  • Photos
  • Video, contacted Michael, awaiting reply
  • Archie’s Review


  • Tasmanian Wolf

No Action Items This Time



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