Nov 12, 2015 Event

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3DV & Autodesk present

Autodesk Hits Portland 2015 (FREE)

autodesk hits portland 2015

at OMSI in the Empirical Theater with lots of Free parking


  • 5:00 – 6:30  Free Beer/Wine, Food & Networking
  • 6:00 – 6:30  Theater opens with customer demo reels
  • 6:30 – 9:00  Show
  • 9:00   Raffle – Wacom Intuos Pro

Guest Speakers from Laika

Brian Mclean Director of Rapid Prototype and  Ty Johnson Rapid Prototyping present 3D Printing for Film Making

Autodesk Application Engineers

Steven Roselle  and Jose Manuel Elizardo will be showing Maya, 3ds Max, Stingray, Shotgun and more.

Wacom Cintiq 27HD hands on display at event

This event sells out every year, so don’t wait to register.

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August 2014 Minutes

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH – August 2014 Minutes – 8/18/2014 Attendance:

  • Demetra
  • Madison
  • Christina
  • Paul

Talking Points: August Event Augmented Animation on August 19th, part of Portland Science Pub. See High-level strategic planning for all events for this season Aug 2014 to June 2015 Report on the SIGGRAPH2014; new docs available for review from PSCC (Professional and Student Chapters Committee) Our Social Media Treasurer’s report and annual report Events for September and October, including the Computer Animation Festival Elections and board development, capturing knowledge Scheduling the next quarter’s board meetings for everyone’s convenience. Christina will be resigning in November, and she will be finishing the knowledge base she started while at the conference last week. Event tomorrow will be easy, no attendance, collecting money or anything, just show up and network with other professionals. This time of year is best for planning events. Build a roster and create a take away from people that says everything we are doing this year. Sophya Vidal wants to collaborate with us by creating an Animation Jam in the Spring of 2015. Christina will introduce her to everyone tomorrow night at the event. Event tomorrow with be about the process of combining Cinema 4d and AfterEffects for motion graphics. Christina will be late. Madison has the day off and is willing to help setup and help out. Showing up at 5:00pm is best. Good idea to brainstorm with a bunch of different companies around Portland who are interested in doing events with us. Need to setup a time to do this. Is called a Planning Meeting. We should get NW Animation Festival, ASIFA, PIGSquad is a good idea. Maybe hold it at PCC? Planning meeting for September is good. Events to plan this season:

  • Computer Animation Festival (October 2014)
  • Animation Jam (Spring 2015)
  • Global Game Jam (January 2015)
  • Holiday Social (December 2014)
  • March or April Job Talk / Portfolio talk (Michael Janda? 2015)
  • Summer Social (July 2015)
  • Autodesk / 3dv event (November 2014)
  • NW Animation Festival (May 2015)

SIGGRAPH Report, saving until the end of the meeting today. Christina, Demetra and Madison need to meet to talk about social media responsibilities and brainstorming for how to tackle it this year. Paul needs to read all the PSCC documents about the website options. Madison wants to know about where to direct people. Send them to the Cascade website and they can sign up there. Try and get Sophya’s bio for the elections. Tuesday is best to keep the board meeting at. Meeting around 6pm still, the venue will need to change. Starbucks at cross of Barbur and Capitol Highway is where we will schedule board meetings for the next quarter. Madison has a bunch of people she needs to e-mail, and is having a problem with the ACM website and it’s weird information architecture. We will try and design the cascade website so it is better. WACOM won’t be able to come now, but we can fit them into a date in October for the Computer Animation Festival. Madison will e-mail them to let them know. We are all going to bring and wear our SIGGRAPH t-shirts tomorrow at the event! Action Items:

  • Christina needs to get a bio from Sophya
  • Madison contact Greg at PCC for dates about the CAF (computer animation festival)
  • Paul needs to read the PSCC documents if he has time
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July 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – July 2014 Minutes

In Attendance:

Next event in August, conference. Wes needs e-vite info and the report for the mothership for the year. Paul doesn’t have anything and Christina doesn’t have anything. Paul plans to get onto doing stuff for the WordPress SIGGRAPH site. The chapters workshop at SIGGRAPH will be a great place to come with a list of problems.

If Christina has some time in a few weeks Paul wants to Skype about the SIGGRAPH website to think of ideas for the sites revamp.

Wes is busy all of October. Christina Demetra gone for conference in August. Paul is off the map after a few weeks. Wes is busy the first two weekends. Wes is doing Art Harvest in October and he will be demoing how to do art on your iPad or android tablet.

SIGGRAPH Conference:
Have to be there at 8am on Saturday morning at the convention center in BC.

Instead Madison and Christina will drive up to BC on Friday the 8th with Demetra and then back on the 14th.

Christina needs to do social media promotion for the main conference in 2014.

August event:
Guy wants to come through town through the larger SIGGRAGH to give a talk in town. His name is Jay Bills and he is the head of VFX PDX and wants to collaborate and SIGGRAPH can co-sponsor them. OMSI is also in on it, it is a Portland Pub Trivia thing, sounds really neat! We can slip in as co-sponsors and be present at the event. It is at the Crystal ballroom. We don’t have to do much of anything for it which is wonderful. Yay!

VFX PDX is well attended and a good place to possibly get more members involved with us. Would be on August 19th 2014 at the Crystal Ballroom. It is a Tuesday. Called Portland Pub Science and is for kids to us QR codes on there phones in order to play animation from live things. It is called Augmented Animation. Really neat! Paul will bring this up to Metal Toad to let them know about it. Christina might bring it up at work as well.

September Event Promotion: The Best of the Fest event promotion so we can be a co-sponsor on that from the NW Animation Festival. We might need one for September if we want, but we’ve already fulfilled the six events a year needed to fill the requirements by the big SIGGRAPH.

October Event:
October has the Computer Animation Festival for SIGGRAPH itself. Demetra needs to buy the content and get a lot of people to come see it. If we can do a drawing or promo stuff it might be a really good idea. Demetra will try and contact Wacom, or Paul will through his connections who work there to make it happen.

Action Items:
Paul needs to write down issues with site to bring to the conference, Paul will send something to the Cascade SIGGRAPH gmail account. We need it before the 8th of August
Christina needs to send out social media promotions before the conference
Demetra needs to send Christina the needed info for the social media promotion stuff
Wes / Demetra need to complete and send out the annual report by August 1st
Elections need to be completed this weekend by Demetra for August. Madison will be joining the board with us as well probably as the vice chair to help Christina transition out.

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June 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – 6/17/2014 – Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Meeting Agenda:
Website changes from Paul. Logo changes from Christina. Demetra wants to get into our Facebook page and get everything figured out. Demetra would like Paul to alter our website so that we have easy access to the Facebook and twitter pages. Elections, annual report. Ideas for the July event and social media discussion. Christina needs to advertise the next event on Facebook and Twitter.

Demetra and everyone is trying to figure out a time to meet in order to sign paperwork and run elections, etc. We figured out a time and place for the next week.

June 30th event – At PCC, start registration around 6:00pm. Is about GD Director about the sound mixing software using only a laptop. Setup is around 5:45pm. Talk at 6:30pm. Christina will try and to get there on time but she may not, depends on traffic.

SIGGRAPH Summer BBQ for the summer, think about partnering with ASIFA for this. Demetra is going to BAMF. Paul is going out of town in the last week of July. Saturday July 19th is a date that would work for everyone. Time will be from 12pm to 4pm. Willamette Park near downtown. If the park costs us $100 or less it won’t be worth it. Demetra is going to ask Kendall about his house as a place to go and have the event at as a plan B.

Demetra is putting in the codes to get everyone their passes for the SIGGRAPH 2014 conference.

Action Items:
Demetra: Need to go online and register a non-profit as a name with the state.
Christina: Advertise the stuff on social media
Wes: Need to bring papers for Christina to sign for registration with the state
Wes: File non-profit business name with the state
Christina: Help Demetra run the elections, send out the emails and then count and tally everything
Paul: Look into changing around the website stuff on our website! Websites!!

Everything needs to be done by the 27th of June in order to get everything ready for SIGGRAPH 2014’s Conference in Vancouver

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May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – Board Meeting Minutes 5/6/2014

In Attendance:

Demetra needs to contact Jenny Dana about changing the website and giving us access to certain privileges. We are redoing the membership issues with ACM to and succeeding at adding all the officers as members of the branch into ACM’s website.

Talking about finding replacements or back up people for our positions as officers. We may have another chapter pass if everything gets resolved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Wes deposited money into our account. We are making a bit more money, which is good.

Demetra makes a motion that we register our chapter with the state of Oregon. Christina seconds it. We need a business license. Vote is unanimous.

Membership Report:
Christina doesn’t have anything this month for the membership report, but will try to cobble something together for next time.

SIGGRAPH has crazy parties!

May 12th event – Hollywood Theater
Demetra needs to edit down the videos the event next Monday from 4 hours to 1.5 hours. She is going to do that tonight.

Demetra is also trying to make a documentary about Yoga that sounds neat, but her time is taxed.

At the event we will have a table to answer questions, Demetra will put out posters. People will need to give a receipt, if they don’t have it they don’t get a reimbursement for what they paid.

Wes will stop by the bank to withdraw the money we need for the event to reimburse members for what they pay at the door. He will try and get around $150 bucks.

Post Mortum – April Event:
Paul – Let’s try to get the word our earlier for what we have for the coming events.
Demetra – Let’s count how many people come to the next event if we can

Action Items:

Send chapter guidelines to officers
Contact Zarina about issue with officer membership

Contact Cindy Ryan of ACM about the associate membership system if I have questions
Put together membership report for next month.

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Board Meeting Minutes – April 2014

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April SIGGRAPH Cascade – Board Meeting Minutes- April 15th 2014 In attendance: Demetra Christina Wes Paul (remotely) Demetra makes a motion to remove the old officers from the bank account, which include Beverly Standish and Daniel Sabin, and add Wes Cropper. Paul is on the phone remotely. Christina seconds the motion, and every officer approves it to pass. The motion is now passed. Events: April 30th, Wednesday, Auditorium Moriarty Arts Building PCC Cascade – 3d Printing from speaker Rob Ducey Christina will put the event online tomorrow once it is approved. Demetra is adding everyone to the e-mail list that signed in during our last event. Paul is using Caligator to get the word out to a ton of people about the next event. Demetra will be updating the SIGGRAPH Cascade website. Christina will take care of using Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. Wes and Demetra will put together a treasurers report. There are normally three report, Vice Chair, Treasurers Report (money), and Secretaries Report (membership) May 12th, NW Animation Festival, Monday of the festival – Hollywood Theater We are able to use the upstairs auditorium for the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival and split the proceeds with the Hollywood Theater. In order to meet the membership values we have we can provide reimbursement for members who show their receipt. Post mortem from the last event: trouble with signing up membership. Tell people to do it online beforehand. New format for future events: Pre-registration: 5:30pm Registration / Meet and Mingle: 6:00pm Event” 6:30pm Christina – “This is a great time to renew your membership, Rob Ducey from Laika is worth it!” Renew membership stuff with a message like this. We make a motion to buy a new stamp pad for the events in the future. Treasurers report: $210 deposit $100 for box cash for events. Move to close down the post office box we currently have and move it to the PO BOX that Demetra has. Wes wants to create a report for every time we have a board meeting. Action Items: Everyone: Come up with a June event! Demetra: Print out list ahead of time showing different members (current and not current) and bring to the next event this month Map on eventbrite needs to be clearer in the announcement and we need to include a map attachment to the thing itself. Find out ticket pricing for the Hollywood theater Complete the memberships with Wes for the SIGGRAPH chapter Create a Google Group for the SIGGRAPH Cascade Board Members / Officers Christina Send out the need to re-new notice to everyone before the event on the cascade Siggraph page Add a renew membership stuff on the Facebook event when I create it Buy a new stamp pad for future events, and bring receipt to get reimbursement to April event Send a formal request to Patrick to shut down the SIGGRAPH twitter account, send it with a date to Patrick, give him a week to do it. Or he could hand over the credentials to me.

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Board Meeting Minutes – March 2014

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SIGGRAPH – Cascade Chapter – March 18th 2014   In Attendance: Demetra Wes Christina   Demetra is showing up at the event at 5:00pm, 5:30pm is when volunteers are showing up. So I will need to be there ASAP on Friday. Set up a table to keep track of everyone who is there with clipboards. Secretary is to do the sign in and taking information. Christina needs to member to bring in the membership sheets if she wants to to the event. Registration forms and membership forms are for Christina. Christina needs to do social media stuff every night this week to get the word out. Send information to Adi, Alison at Thetus and everyone at Convergence Training about the event Friday evening about the event and that everyone should come along. Secretary (me) needs to send out renewels to people who came to the event. Need to do data entry to the list. Talk to Demetra about how to do this.   Vice chair takes care of the food for the events, etc. Christina try bugging Patrick about the Animation Festival.   Christina needs to go to Facebook and create an ACM Siggraph business page on Facebook.   No reciprocal links, send out Facebook stuff, hook it to the SIGGRAPH website. New event leads from Demetra: Demetra knows someone who works for Disney. Guy at Laika who is an expert on 3d printing and wants to do an event about it.   Thinking about going to the SIGGRAPH get together in Vancouver Canada. Action Items: -Come to event on Friday (everyone) Christina

  • Social media outreach and e-mails to everyone about event on Friday.
  • Christina and Demetra will get into membership database and update it with everyone’s new membership information

Demetra / Wes

  • Go to the bank to deposit money and work out treasurer information

Board Meeting Dates for this coming quarter: Palio Coffeehouse

  • April 8th at 6:00pm
  • May 6th at 6:00pm
  • June 10th at 6:00pm
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Board Meeting Minutes – February 2014

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SIGGRAPH Cascade Board Meeting – February 2014 Minutes   2/18/2014   In attendance:   -Demetra -Christina -Paul -Wes   Topics for discussion: – Social Media Policy / – Website updates / – Upcoming Events / – Treasury   Paul will be handling the issues we have with the website, he needs the information to access it however. Demetra will issue that to him. We need to change / move the background image so that it is more aesthetically appealing. Paul is happy to handle the aesthetic issues we have with it.   Social media policy needs to be discussed and then rolled out for twitter, facebook, etc to up our presence online.   What is needed on a social media policy?

  1. Relevance to chapter only
  2. No personal anything on posts / tweets
  3. No politics, no religion related posts on any social media platform
  4. Approval is needed for posts; we need to decide what posts need what over site or approval.

Facebook / Twitter feed to the side of the Chapter’s website + icons to link to the social media platforms themselves. Maybe sign up for an Instagram account? LinkedIn is important for professional development and so we need a presence on LinkedIn to make that happen.   Paul will create a photoshop mockup of the new website.   Use Demetera’s logo for the chapter and integrate it into branding for social media platforms.   Logo under the JOIN page on the website has the scheme we are going now. Demetra is going to fix the logo herself.   Christina will handle redoing the logo for the chapter to make it more appealing and bring drafts next month for the chapter’s officers to review and comment on.   Approvals for posts / tweets: How? When?   Twitter is used for what? Facebook is used for what? Comment policy on Facebook. Policy for connecting on Facebook and creating offshoot groups from the page itself.   We need to create a policy before we start implementing.   Christina with draft a policy and have officers review it next month as well.   Eventbrite is good. Perhaps hook that up through facebook as well to streamline everything and make it more efficient.   Multiple admins might be good for the social media.   Christina needs to delete the stupid posts about dating on the Facebook that someone else left there on accident.     – March 21st in a Friday – Auditorium at PCC Cascade – 6:00pm (officers need to be there at 5:30) Second Story event on Interactive Design. Or an event about Portlandia and motion graphics. Grimm production / cg transition lecture. Second Story is probably most likely to be the ones to present from what we know so far.   6:00 – 8:30pm ← event time     – May 15th – Northwest Animation Festival – Hollywood Theater Sven has reserved an auditorium for the Computer Animation Festival from ACM. We can market / advertise there a bit. Secretary will take care of membership for the chapter.   Demetra and Christina will set a time to get together and go over membership management for Christina to handle since she isn’t familiar with it.   Events for April and June are still needed.   The chapter has a PO Box that needs to be switched to Wilsonville area to receive money from new members.     Calls to Action for the next month from everyone——-   All

  • How much / what we want to do for the Vancouver conference for SIGGRAPH this year


  • E-mail logo to Christina
  • Meet with Wes in Wilsonville for eventbrite and banking / PO Box
  • Meet with Christina before / after next board meeting for membership login info
  • E-mail the contact of Jenny Dana to everyone
  • Start running elections for Officers this month


  • Draft social media policy
  • Talk to Jenny Dana about the membership program for ACM / SIGGRAPH


  • Needs password
  • Talk to Jenny Dana about the WordPress theme and start dialogue about changing the current theme for the website.


  • Needs password for treasury stuff in order to start up
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Board Meeting Minutes – December 2013

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12/10/2013 Cascade Siggraph Board Meeting Minutes In Attendance: Demetra Christina Demetra and Sven talked about having some joint ASIFA and SIGGRAPH events in Feb, March, April,

  • One is a BYOA (bring your own art) event with call for artist, contact Damien Lopez
  • One is Portlandia related motion graphics event
  • Showcasing Grimm, with someone talking about the process.

As secretary I can contact the SIGGRAPH main board and ask for website changes. Demetra got Christina a login for the WordPress site and paid fo the ACM membership. Calls to action: Christina

  • Christina needs to update the membership database
  • Christina needs to contact Damien about his process of organizing the event at the Analog
  • Christina needs to upload the minutes to the website
  • Christina needs to join the local chapter


  • Need to join ACM in january
  • Need to get together with Sven about events
  • Need to meet with all the people that want to be on the board
  • Wes Cropper wants to be the treasurer
  • Lauren wants to be the publications director
  • Monique wants to be a board member at large
  • AJ might want to be a member, but need to ask his wife id she’d be interested
  • Tuesday meeting at McCormick and Schmidts

Palio Cafe in SE Portland – for the next board meetings:

  • January, Tuesday the 14th 2014
  • February the 11th 2014
  • March the 11th 2014

This is a better location for more people, including Patrick who would really like to come. 

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Board Meeting Minutes – November 2013

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ACM SIGGRAPH Cascade Minutes Board Meeting 11/5/2013 Attending

  • Sven Bonnichsen
  • Jeffrey Sens
  • Will Lewis
  • Demetra Gilmore Arnett
  • Christina Beard
  • Patrick Coan (attending via Skype)
  • Rob Bekuhrs

Pixel Arts, Games for Change, PIGsquad are organizations in town that Will and Jeffrey are both apart of. We are trying to come up with some ideas for events to run for the next year in entertainment, networking, studio involvement, festival, etc etc. Sven is looking for video game sequences / animation / in game cinematics for a festival idea or an event. Pigsquad developers are more hobbist then serious about cinematic creation and submission. Try a game jam around it. Sven and Will might want to collaborate about this in the future and involve SIGGRAPH. Global Game Jam in January. Games and the internet. Portals on the internet are mostly for browser base games on the internet. To be able to play something that isn’t as big as you usually put on your console. Portals are an easier avenue for smaller / free games. Some portals

  • Kongregate
  • Steam
  • Newgrounds

Rob worked on a game called Forge, it was featured on Steam, but the massive volume of sales offset the initial launch issues. Valve is the company who started this. You can sell virtual goods on this portal, like hats in Team Fortress 2. Thinking of going through the things we have established for events and then brainstorming: Brainstorming Session:

  • Autodesk event coming to town but six other organization are coming with tables. It is happening on November 20th. The main person putting that on is 3DV, mission theater. It’s well set up, it’s on the website to sign up.
  • November 30th, Light Troupe, Symphony of Light. Real time use of a sketch pad to project light onto a building. It’s a holiday event.
  • Downtown portland, room reserved at a bar, we want the second Tuesday of the month and have a board meeting that day as well.
  • January; global game jam / PIGsquad event.
  • Meeting before the main SIGGRAPH
  • Events are open from February / March / April, etc
  • The Northwest Animation Festival is going into it’s 4th year. Planning for a seven day event, reserved an upstairs auditorium for six two hour slots. Intended to be a reunion for the animation community event. Showreel for whole Oregon animation industry.
    • Friday – Sunday has 150 films. Student field trip. Something for the whole region to just converge onto. Want SIGGRAPH to get an auditorium to do something with. Sounds good to Demetra.
    • Dark Horse and Laika, advise is always to see them at a convention if you want to get work, maybe have an event / make it apart of the Northwest Animation Festival.
  • Retrospective about the PJ’s in January with Rob Bekuhrs
    • Ran for three years, want to revisit it, anecdotes, puppets, talking about the experience and the show. Need to look into the legality of it.
  • Potential speakers: Laura Heit; animation sketchbook.
  • Tie ins with Portlandia and Grimm – local shows, etc. Might be a great co-sponsor opportunity. Need to look into it.
  • PIGsquad did a designweek event in town.
  • Lynchpin of Asifa’s stuff is around August with the summer social.
  • Stratacut event
  • Mike A Smith’s film “Cooped” WIP show of his film on December 7th.
  • Benjamin Bremmar feature length film about a Bear and Mouse at Cinema 21 on November 19th. In order to get him into town, had to make a deal to get him into town by promising only members will see the film, trying to currently recruit members.

Right now we need a list on the home page showing other organization events. Sven etc gives permission.

Animated Arts PDX in happening tomorrow, Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Three areas to overlap in the local community. Get someone from Portlandia and Grimm to talk about the process, etc.

Sketching in part of the process of computer graphics and this relevant to SIGGRAPH cascade.

Need one more in June, Will might do another Game Jam in june. Will was approached by a software company called Click Team. Offered space, free food, sponsorship, etc. Trying to get it so that PIGsquad does three jams a year. Might want collaborators but Will isn’t sure yet. Need to figure it out in the next two weeks.

Bring your own art. Allowed people to come and show their art live at a show. Had people come from Second Story. Is a big huge art show during First Thursday. Have an artshow as a goal to shoot for.

There is a group that meets up every month called Attack of the Flix. They hold it in NE off of Grand and Alberta. Filmmakers bring in their films between 5 and 6, people vote at there end for their favorites and it’s a cool exposure opportunity and inclusiveness opportunity. Maybe collaborate with the NW Animation Fest? Film has to be under 10 minutes. Curious Comedy Theater.

  • Event is large enough so you can have the theater for the whole day.

Will has done video game tournaments on a theater screen. Might be neat.

Let’s Play video online with Youtube. The Neverhood. 1994 game / claymation game. Might be really fun to watch.

Recurring event with SIGGRAPH is a drink and draw event.

Animated Arts drink and draw event tomorrow.

The Secret Society might be a good venue for something. Moth Radio Hour done there. It is a Radio show via NPR.

Games for change: loosely organized, not a lot going on right now, but trying to coordinate an autism in games event. Youth in games initiatives. Will says it’s very sexy.

  1. We’ve got four pilots in East and North Portland. Multnomah County Library is this month. They serve at risk youth. Three games camps in spring, summer and fall.

  2. Two are five days long. Art / Animation, gamedesign and programming.

  3. They have a lot going on, a lot of stuff not rolling out until next fall.

  4. Five outstanding schools asking for services and support. Need to get enough qualified mentors to be the leads and guides. Volunteer based.

  5. Portland Youth Builders has a youth media program, trying to build a collaboration with them. Apprecticeship program. Connects students to worlds of work. Teaching soft skills / maturity, looking for paid internships for these students. Linking up with boarder moves at the state level. Partner’s in a couple of different organizations.

  6. Art Therapy / Film Therapy partners involved. Combo of tech and arts driving it.

  7. Priority for Jeffrey is letting the community self organize.

Siggraph could list Games for Change’s events on their event page. Send Jeffrey an e-mail to learn more about it.

Will asks if there are any venues in town that are good, here is what we brainstormed:

  • PCC

  • 5th Ave Cinema

  • PNCA

  • Fjorg

  • Art Institute of Portland

  • University of Oregon – white stag building in downtown

  • University of Portland (tentative, will doesn’t recommend yet)

  • Multnomah Arts Center

  • ITT Tech (is kind of out there though)

  • Stage 13 (Reel Love event via Rob Bekuhrs, good for networking)

  • Hipbone Studios

  • Second Story (used to have flash developers meetings)

  • Backspace (losing license for bands to play, they needs more butts in the seats, Backspace would shift prices, timing, etc according to Will, be weary)

  • Multnomah Library (they need a month’s notice however, central needs 3 months notice)

  • Beaverton Public Library (has a great public auditorium)

  • Tektronix

  • Puppet Labs

  • Lucky Lab (NW one is really good, they have a side room that you can reserve / other options for money, but all of them have a side room. Sometimes they play music really loud)

Use Calagator for event spamming around town, it’s really good for it. It’s an opensource tech by people in Portland.

Barcamp Portland – users are the ones who decide the schedule and conferences for this. Talk to Jeffrey and Will about this and how it works. They planned a few events through it and it’s great! It is free, but they want people to RSVP. Google barcamp portland about it to get more info on it. E-mail Will and Jeffrey about their experiences.

Monique Stabler might be a good person for the board. Might be up for a leadership role. Demetra will contact her.

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