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Minutes, January 14th 2012

by on Jan.15, 2012, under Archives


  • Demetra (DGA), Patrick (PC), Archie (FAB), Daniel (DS), Joe (J?), Courtney (C?), Serena (SR)

Not Attending

  • Greg Walters (GW)


  • Events
    • Global Game Jam: January 27-29, 2012
      • Cascade would like to have representatives there throughout to gain members and inform people of our services
      • Daniel Sabin, Patrick Coan will be participating in the Game Jam
      • Camera Serena
      • Find Name Badges (PC)
      • Bring laptop for signup (PC, DS, Etc.)
      • Announcement sent (1/10/2012)
      • send Will and Email asking various questions
        • How many signed up so far
        • Food requests
      • Interview at the Game Jam (FAB)
        • motivation
        • history, past game jam
        • full-time, part time
        • goals
        • insight on gaming
      • Schedule for SIGGRAPH representatives

Friday Saturday Sunday
Archie 6-10pm Demetra
Patrick, Daniel, Serena :5:30
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy
Patrick, Daniel
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy
Patrick, Daniel
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy

  • Upcoming Events
    • Global Game Jam Post Mortem (FEB)
    • Tron
    • MIke Smith
    • Sumidas (Stuart and Wife)
    • Flash PDX: The Future of Flash
    • DRM
    • Light Troupe V3
    • Grim, Susan Bailey
  • Media/Newsletter/Website
    • Archie’s Interviews
      • Part of the Newsletter
      • looking for email base beyond our members (announcements)
      • grab emails at events (FAB, PC, DGA)
      • resources database
        • Demetra had been contacted by an event management services company. They offered to supply a venue database that we could use in the future for contacts (DGA)
    • Jobs Newsletter
  • Members
    • Check for Kirshner, locate in the DB (PC)
    • Organizational Membership (DGA)
      • Consider re-packaging to entice buyers
      • needs a solid line-up of events to attract
    • SIGGRAPH Brochure (Courtney)
      • Courtney will draft and push through the review process
      • Courtney and Joe nominated as members at large, all agreed
      • Archie isn’t sure if he is a SIGGRAPH/ACM
    • Surveys
      • Patrick suggested crafting  a survey to learn more about our members
        • their needs
        • their interests
        • history
        • affiliations
  • Treasury
    • Daniel provided a report on the bank situation
      • Leaning toward Rivermark
        • Avoid annual non-profit fees
      • FirstTech plan B
      • Ideal candidate has online banking/app
      • Would like to have the process finalized within the week
    • Cube (for credit card swipes)

Action Items:
Name Badge for GameJam (PC)
New Bank (DS)
SIGGRAPH Brochure Drafted (Courtney)
Video/Camera (SR)
Full GameJam Representative Schedule (DGA)
Complete, compiled membership list (PC)
Locate Kirshner (PC)
All Posts Private (Vincent)


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Minutes January 4th 2012

by on Jan.05, 2012, under 2011 – 2012 Season, Archives

Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Patrick Coan (PC), Serena Reidy

Minutes :
Review Computer Animation Festival
Post Announcement for the IGDA Game Jam: Jan 27-28th
One month lead on Arts and Entertainment
Google Calander
Portland Indie Game Jam
Contact Devon and Andrew
Liquid Development
Pigsquad Skillz
Night and Day Studios Buzzmonkey Software Machine Works
Somagames, Newberg OR

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Minutes, August 2011

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Archives


  • Attending:Demetra (DGA), Patrick (PC),  Floyd Archie Buchanon (FAB), Daniel Sabin (DS)
  • Not attending; AJ DeFlaminis (AJD); Herc Silverstein (HS); Greg Walters (GW); Serena Reidy (SR).


  • Events
    • NW Animation festival, email announcement, invite Sven to a meeting
    • Sept 10: NW Animation Support
    • September 16: CG Education | Cinema Arts Camp 2011 Premiere
      • Bev’s Camp, 8 kids per week, show the shorts
        • Speakers: Bev, Kethleen, Maryln, Jenny Or, Mike McKenny, Randy, Sean Nemacheck
    • October 22nd: Computer Animation Festival
    • November: Tron, Mike Smith
      • Get Tron to Portland!
    • December: Social
    • January 27-29 2012: International Digital Gaming Community (IGDC): Game Jam
      • Vancouver VS Portland
      • Not a pure competition, exhibit/play/compete
    • February: Flash PDX: Robert Reinhart, Vance Feldman, Rob
    • March:
    • April: Types of Jobs in CG- all the different jobs in CG
      • Each board member picks one thing they are interested in, bring one speaker
    • May: 3D Center: Technical Wars (CG manufactures, VUE, Bent, Wacom) talk about their product
    • June: Lord of the Rings’ Randy Cook
  • Communication:
    • Add Herc to the senders list
  • Membership
    • Applied Membership: Make a plan for recruiting volunteers/interns
      • ITT SPE: ITT mandates internships
    • Website Membership Sign Up : Tested sign up, seems to work OK
    • Gather website sign-up membership info
    • Add new member (from paper form)
  • Officers
    • Requirements- There are certain requirements that our chapter must meet for individuals to be considered as officers
      • Individual must be:
        • A chapter member
        • an ACM member
        • a SIGGRAPH member
      • the board can cover membership fees
    • Treasurer: Train Daniel, set-up his email
    • Publications Director: Archie needs a clear starting point
      • Archie’s last class is Monday
    • Available Positions:
      • Webmaster
      • Public Relations
  • Publications
    • Website
      • Plan a website orientation meeting
      • Add Social Media Icons
      • Busy Background
      • My Dog Tulip
    • Announcements
      • Define a clear announcement template


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Minutes, July 2011

by on Aug.14, 2011, under Archives

Demetra, Patrick, Herc, Felipe Mirez, Michael Maier, Matt Fife


  • Members
    • Increase contacts list
    • Vice Chair Benefits
      • Contacts
    • Art Institute
      • Recruit someone from AI
    • Interns
      • ITT has an intern program “Dreamcast”
      • Start an “Internship Initiative”
  • Events
    • Bring Your Own Art Madness
      • BYOA
        • Participants do one slide each
          • 1 image or short animation
          • name, title
          • Lightning Talk: about slide for 5 minutes
          • at least 10 people
        • Hosted at AI
    • Computer Animation Festival
      • October
    • Augmented Reality
  • Laika
  • Art Institute
  • OSU
    • Mike Baily’s Student
  • New Attendee: Phillipe from Delerium – Motion Graphics
    • Working in cg since 91
  • Vue: Beaverton?
    • It would be good to look further into this, possibly do an event with them
  • Website
    • Make events the home page
      • Suggesting that events are a part of the home page
    • Vincent to the redirect needs to go to
    • Our image is busy- the main page image could be calmed down
    • Give Herc and Patrick rights….
      • .
    • Minutes
      • In the archive section
    • New member sign-ups
      • No credit card charged, must inspect
      • Test to make sure
  • Matt Fife from Intel
    • Works with Jeffrey Williams
  • Fundraising
    • Raffle
    • Supporters to donate
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June 2011 Board Meeting

by on Jul.19, 2011, under 2011 – 2012 Season, Archives


  • Attending:Demetra (DGA), Patrick (PC),  Floyd Archie Buchanon (FAB), Daniel Sabin (DS)
  • Not attending; AJ DeFlaminis (AJD); Herc Silverstein (HS); Greg Walters (GW);     Serena Reidy (SR).


  • Social on the 27th @ the Thirsty Lion
    • Announcement sent out to the pool by the 19th
  • Add Social Media Icons to the site
    • Patrick
  • Officers
    • Requirements- There are certain requirements that our chapter must meet for individuals to be considered as officers
      • Individual must be:
        • A chapter member
        • an ACM member
        • a SIGGRAPH member
      • the board can cover membership fees
    • Available Positions:
      • Webmaster
      • Public Relations

Action Items

  • Obtain a solid understanding of all the positions requirements
  • Archie needs a clear starting point
  • Cards- we need a Secretary and Treasurer card
  • Define an Announcement Template
  • Web Training Meeting
  • Year End Financial Statement
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Spring 2011 News

by on Jul.08, 2011, under Newsletter

SIGGRAPH Symposium to Debut this Year in Vancouver

Article by Patrick Coan

The SIGGRAPH Symposium provides an intriguing look at the global face of the business of computer graphics. Although only in its first year, a noteworthy lineup of presenters from across the spectrum of influence has already been announced.

The event, held over a single day, is divided into two sessions: the first focusing on the nuts and bolts of how the industry operates in a global landscape; the second, honing in on the culture of the business and how this culture affects the larger picture.

For the first session, the “business of the business,” the speakers and special guest participants were deliberately chosen for their ability to prompt and engage in open and thought-provoking dialogue on vital topics such as localization, culture driven content, global operations, finance, vision and strategy. For example, this segment of the Symposium will address operations in the global market.

As for the culture session, it provides a chance to ask and answer fundamental questions related to the culture of the business. Who are the magicians behind the curtain? How do they operate and what inspires their decisions? How does a company’s internal culture filter out into the rest of the world? Does the world shape the industry, or does the industry shape the world? How have we acclimated to meet the global demands of technically impressive visual entertainment that continues to inspire?

The SIGGRAPH Symposium is open to all registered attendees (register here) and provides a unique opportunity for open and honest conversation with others from all walks of life in the industry. In terms of format, a moderator will be present to keep the dialogue moving forward at the various sessions.

In order to gain a better understanding of the Symposium, I was fortunate to catch up with Jill Smolin, Chair of the event, long-time SIGGRAPH mover and shaker, and VFX educator. The visionary for the Symposium, she was kind enough to offer her insight into this year’s inaugural event.

Who does the Symposium concern, and what is the significance of this event?

SIGGRAPH is a community of creators. While our common thread is computer graphics, the manifestation of that thread is seen all over the world in almost every medium. So, really, the Symposium concerns everyone, and strives to involve those creators who have evolved into our leaders.

What was this event’s catalyst, what sparked it? Who said, “OK, we have a need for this”?

I was on the 2011 SIGGRAPH Committee and had a great conversation with the incredible Shannon Gans a business day idea. I had previously put together the Production Summit for the Visual Effects Society, so there was already precedent for such an event. So that’s where it started. Since then, it has evolved and developed into what it is today….which is still just the idea…we’ll see what it becomes on August 7!

Will the event give our audience a historical overview of where the industry has come from?

Not deliberately. It’s more about where we are now and where we’re going. Maybe someone will talk about where we’ve been, but I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

Will the event address both large and small-scale production companies?

We have all kinds of people represented. Everyone has a really interesting history. Some are currently running multinational companies; some are running smaller companies; all are involved in the global picture of computer graphics.

Regarding regional, cultural and language differences: who does the symposium represent, and will methods of international cooperation be addressed?

I think during the second session, the culture of business, we’ll see just how big an impact the international picture has on the culture of these businesses…both on local and global levels.

The event description mentions “Frank and honest conversation”, might there be philosophy and tradition discussed, old vs. new?

It’s more about giving these very busy executives, who are generously offering their time and insights, the forum in which they can express their views as part of a conversation, and not as a presentation or an argument. This will be a bit of a state of the union…where we are and where we’re going…

The ancient Greek’s symposium was a drinking party for debate, plotting, boasting and revelry; will any of these things be occurring at the SIGGRAPH Symposium – and will there be any Greeks involved?

This is hilarious, and I certainly would welcome drinking, debate and plenty of revelry….not sure we’ll have conference togas though.

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May 2011 Event

by on May.30, 2011, under 2011 – 2012 Season, Archives

Northwest Animation Festival

We are excited to be a part of this awesome event.

See the schedule at

For tickets, visit

Vision: a festival dedicated to the love of animation.

In our inaugural year, we begin our endeavor with a bold vision:

  • To feed animation lovers’ craving with a sprawling feast of new work
  • To re-inspire independent animators each year with an infusion of new ideas and imagery
  • To encourage students and emerging artists by helping them get their first showing on the big screen
  • To showcase the breadth of the art form with shorts blocks dedicated to different animation methods: hand-drawn, computer-generated, stop-motion…
  • To share this event with the Pacific Northwest by creating a touring “Best of the NW Animation Festival” show
  • In some small way, to nourish the art of animation, helping it grow and evolve.
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Programming Meeting: August 2011

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Miscellaneous

All are welcome to contribute to this committee, Vice Chair will head our annual program/events for the 2011-2012 season.

Thursday, August 25th
Location to be announced

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March 2011 Event

by on Mar.22, 2011, under 2010 – 2011 Season, Events

Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH presents…

Light Troupe Developments

Experimental Show with Movement, Light and Sound

  • Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at PCC Cascade Moriarty Arts Auditorium;
  • Registration and networking starts at 6:00 pm; interactive show at 6:30 pm
  • Light Troupe example:
  • Tickets and registration are available at

Have fun with Luz Studio and learn how to use cutting-edge interactive technology in light and sound applications. Attendees will engage with interactive light toys including:

  • Microsoft Kinect-based body tracking to create expressive art
  • Real-time DMX interior lighting control
  • 3D digital drawing using Wacom Drawing Tablets
  • LightTroupe’s Light and Sound Piano
  • An introduction to Luz Studio’s real-time shader-snipet mixing and just-in-time compiling


Event Details

This will be a laid-back, open forum for people to explore the software, the new art-form and the cutting-edge of technology. Come and get involved in our latest developments from the past year. We will play with computer vision, skeleton tracking, digital painting, and explore Luz Studio’s new DMX light control. We will create collaborative artwork by laying “living ink” on the digital canvas while composing shader effects from live human input, and using the light piano to harmonize sound and visuals.


Artists, musicians, performers, and multimedia light-bearers, discover new ways to use expressive technology in your work.


About the Light Troupe

Light Troupe is a collective of artistic and technical talent projecting its visions through interactive brilliance.


The Troupe uses open source software and common physical devices to engage and stimulate participants in new ways. When software developer Ian McIntosh found artist Josh Fitzsimmons and designer Pat Coan the trio reached a common ground for describing the vital link between visual, audio, and physical arts. The group lays a foundation for concepts including an audio-visual vocabulary and universal composition extending to 5-dimensional experiences. After realizing the undeniable beauty of its creations, Light Troupe opened its work to public venues, participants and developers.


Through the the application of art, design and science, LightTroupe is able to push the sophistication of its tool-set to further accommodate a wider range of participants and scenarios. Having performed and collaborated with international musicians and artists in local venues the Troupe continues to find an inspiring and altogether new experience through the combination of visual, audio, interactive and social sensations.


We invite the community to join us in developing this new art form.


Location and Transportation

Portland Community College
Cascade Moriarty Arts Building Auditorium

705 North Killingsworth Street

Portland OR 97219-2399


Registration and Amenities

This and other Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH meetings are free to Cascade Chapter members. Nonmembers will need to pay $5.00 admission. Annual local membership can be purchased at the ticketing site or at the door for $25.00 a year for professionals and $18.00 for students. We accept cash or checks at the door and credit cards online at EventBrite ticketing. Prepayment and registration is available at


Carpooling is recommend, limited free street parking is available. You can purchase parking passes at the yellow ticketing stations located in each parking lot. Cost is $3.00 and machines take cash or debit cards.

Please see the following for more detailed information on event location and directions:



The Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter would like to acknowledge and thank Portland Community College for their generous support.


About Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH

The Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter exists to serve the needs of the Oregon and Southwest Washington computer graphics industry professionals and students. Through meetings, workshops, conferences, and other activities, the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter works to promote an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the educational, artistic, and scientific aspects and applications of modern technology to graphics, enhancing communication between persons in the field, that have an interest in any aspect of computer graphics.


For more information on Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and membership, visit the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH website at


Press contact

Lizzie Bennett, Liaison Inc., Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH PR Director

(503) 796-9822, “lizzie at liaisonpr dot com”


Reader contact

Bev Standish, Vice Chair

“vice chair at cascadesiggraph dot org”


Cascade SIGGRAPH general information


PO Box 10583

Portland, OR 97296-10583

email address: “info at cascadesiggraph dot org”


© All brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Therefore, they are not to be duplicated, broadcast, photographed nor edited without the express written permission of the individual copyright holder.
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Minutes: December 26, 2011

by on Mar.12, 2011, under Archives

Cascade SIGGRAPH Dec. Board Mtg.

Minutes 12-28-2010

  • Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA); Jerrol Eschelman (JE), Derek Osborne (DO); Beverly Standish (BS).
  • Not attending; AJ DeFlaminis (AJD); Herc Silverstein (HS); Greg Walters (GW); Patrick Coan (PC); Serena Reidy (SR).


Discussion tems:

  • Events
    • DGA: it’s important that we have at least 6 events in the season. So far Nov. CAF; Dec. Holiday Social; Jan. ForeverScape but need the vice chair to manifest events. Checked the bylaws and need to have the vice chair in charge of events. Suggest creating positions that play to everyone’s strength
  • Reorganization:
    • DO: talked about his experience in marketing, organizational management, ability to analyze jobs on the board; work in organizational development
  • Bev: moved to become the vice chair and create another position for Derek (organizational development specialist)
  • JE seconded
  • voted: unanimous


AI: come to the ForeverScape event on Jan 8 at the Globe.



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