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The Austin ACM SIGGRAPH chapter is closed. If you are interested in re-starting the chapter, please see the Getting Started page.




Our mission is to promote the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.


Our purpose is to foster a membership community whose core values help them to catalyze the innovation and application of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Chapter Goals

Austin ACM SIGGRAPH was founded in the summer of 2009, but is growing quickly. Our main goal over for 2010-2011 is to raise the profile of the community by offering events, educational and public service opportunities.

ACM SIGGRAPH is an international organization run by volunteers. Check out how you can get involved in our volunteer section, or by contacting us.

Please click here to download a copy of our By-Laws:  ATX-SIG-Bylaws


Executive Committee

Executive Chair – Adam Glick rotating gif click to expand

ADAM GLICK is a technologist, photographer and writer living and working in Austin, TX.  Adam has been involved in the computer graphics community  for over 14 years and was a founding member of the Dallas ACM SIGGRAPH and DAWGUA (Dallas Alias Wavefront Users Group) chapters circa 1999 – 2003. Adam studied Information Technology and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell and is currently in the FirePro product marketing group at AMD.

Vice Chair – Luke Gustafson rotating gif click to expand

Luke started his career in 1992 with a B.F.A. in Design as a technical illustrator for John Deer, Fisher Controls, Sauer Sundstrand and other major manufacturing companies. From there he worked with
the Department of Defense for 3 years as the lead content developer, managing teams that create distance learning tools and CBT applications. This lead into video game development where he was
a senior/lead environment artist for 8.5 years managing internal and outsourced development teams both stateside and abroad. Currently, Luke ownes and manages all aspects of Datahouse Studios; a full
service digital production studio that specializes in 3D visualization, industrial communications and interactive development.

Treasurer – Florence Wong rotating gif click to expand

FLORENCE WONG has over a decade of experience in graphic, environmental and information design. Her work encompasses 2D and 3D exhibits, model building, print, brand and web design in sectors that span education, government and the entertainment industry. She holds a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley and studied digital media and computer graphics at UCLA. She currently designs exhibits for Texas Parks & Wildlife and is pursuing a masters in technology commercialization at UT Austin. Her interest is in interactive design and developing new forms of social collaboration through technology, gaming and rich, user-generated content. She wishes to serve the SIGGRAPH chapter and community well and promote the  visual arts and its many applications. Her main goal this year is to help establish efficient tools and systems for the chapter to run smoothly and serve as an optimal resource for the membership.

Secretary – Sara Farr rotating gif click to expand

SARA FARR graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Studio Art and began working with 3D graphics for an independent post-production studio. Ms. Farr has been a member of ACM SIGGRAPH, IGDA and the Austin 3D Users Group since the early 1990s. Throughout her career, Ms. Farr has created 2D and 3D computer graphics for both large software publishers and independent game developers on a variety of products ranging from children’s educational software to console games. In 2001, Ms. Farr joined the faculty at Austin Community College in the Visual Communication department. Since joining the full-time Visual Communication faculty at Austin Community College , she has acted as the department’s 3D Section Leader — an advocate and voice for 3D graphics professionals, adjunct, and students within the department. Ms. Farr continues to help shape ACC’s 3D graphics training to keep it in-line with current industry needs.

Committee Chairs

Membership –

…currently open…

Communications – Eleanor Almaraz rotating gif click to expand


Graphics – Carol Roberts rotating gif click to expand

CAROL ROBERTS currently works as the Web Designer in ITS Applications for UT, as well as freelance work with outside artists, producers and musicians. Carol has been working with web design and development since her employment with Origin Systems where she messed around with their intranet.

Carol is an active fine artist working in mixed media (usually involving neon, and wood), mosaics and clay. She occasionally shows her work. In addition to visual art, Carol has been playing bass in the “loveVandals” – an eclectic rock, punk, funk whatever band – since 2004.


Dr. Chandra Bajaj rotating gif click to expand

Computational Applied Mathematics Chair in Visualization, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Center for Computational Visualization at the University of Texas, Austin.  My research interests span the algorithmic and computational mathematics underpinnings of Structural Biology and Biophysics, Image Processing, Geometric Modeling, Computer Graphics, and Visualization. I apply these algorithms to: (a) structure elucidation and reconstruction of spatially realistic models of molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, and organs, from electron microscopy, and bio-imaging, (b) fast high-dimensional search engine for identifying energetically favorable molecular binding conformations (e.g virtual screening for anti-viral drugs), and (c) integrated approaches to computational modeling, mathematical analysis and interrogative visualization of the dynamics of electrical signaling and oscillations (3–10 Hz) amongst neurons in the hippocampus (the central area of learning and memory in the human brain). I am on the faculty GSC of UT departments: CAM, BME, MATH, ICMB, and have been involved in several academic activities, including advising M.S and Ph.D. students from these programs.

Paul Navratil rotating gif click to expand

Paul Navratil is a Visualization Scientist in the Data and Information Analysis division of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin. My research interests include efficient algorithms for large-scale parallel visualization and data analysis (VDA) and innovative design for large-scale VDA systems. My recent work includes algorithms for ultrascale distributed-memory ray tracing, work that enables photo-realistic rendering of the largest datasets produced on supercomputers today, such as cosmologic simulations of the Universe and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations at unprecedented levels of detail. I also help manage TACC’s visualization systems, including Longhorn, the world’s largest supercomputer dedicated to VDA, and Stallion, the highest-resolution tiled display in the world. I completed my dissertation on memory-efficient, scalable ray tracing in August, 2010, under the supervision of Don Fussell andCalvin Lin .

John Petersen rotating gif click to expand

John Petersen founded Renderstream. John has many years of expertise in manufacturing scientific supercomputers to bring the 3D world the fastest, most efficient 3D workstations on the market today. He is also a proud sponsor of the Austin ACM SIGGRAPH chapter. www.renderstream.com

Matt Scibilia rotating gif click to expand

Matt Scibilia co-authored GET IN THE GAME! with Marc Mencher and Dustin Clingman, published in October, 2002 by New Riders Publishing, a recognized, authoritative reference about careers in the Game Industry. He is also a voting member of ACM/SIGGRAPH, IGDA, and IEEE and maintains long-term personal contacts with colleagues in the interactive, film and television industries. He has been working in the interactive game development industry for close to twenty-two years, working for such companies as Microprose (now Atari), Magnet Interactive, Electronic Arts/Origin Systems, Eclipse and Daylight/KalistoUSA, before co-founding BigSky Interactive. A sampling of completed products include F-15 Strike Eagle (NES),DarklandsCivilization (SVGA), Crusader: No Regret (PC/PSX), Wing Commander: Prophecy (PC), and SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (PS2/NGC). Partnering with Billy Cain and Grant Pimpler, Matt formed Critical Mass Interactive, Inc. in early 2003, as a full development studio and contract service provider for interactive productions on all major game consoles (PS2, GC, Xbox and GameBoy Advance), PC, web and wireless platforms. Some of CMI’s recent clients have been Electronic Arts/Origin, Vivendi/Universal Games, Sony Online Entertainment, NCsoft, Midway, SEGA, Trion World Network, and THQ.

Gary Walker rotating gif click to expand

Gary Walker is a Visual FX Supervisor and President of TexFX, an Austin based Visual FX studio. With professional experience in Hollywood, Vancouver, and Dallas, Gary was a senior digital compositor on twelve major motion pictures, including APOLLO 13, WATERWORLD, CAST AWAY, WHAT LIES BENEATH, and most recently was Visual FX Supervisor on Weinstein/Lionsgate’s Sundance Grand Prize nominated independent feature TEETH. He currently partners with studio and independent feature and documentary filmmakers to provide personable, affordable access to this combination of experience and powerful technology.